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FULL NAME Ser Simon Coibran
RACE Human
CLASS Warrior
SKILLS Combat training; survival; combat tactics
Simon Coibran never seemed destined for anything great in his life. He was born to an unwed mother, Lanya, to a father of questionable heritage. Some said he was one of the king's warriors, some said he was a rogue mage escaped from the Tower, others said he was an elf from the alienage. Whatever his lineage, Simon was born, wholly human and healthy. His mother, now shamed and looked down upon by others for the birth of her fatherless son, took what work she could in order to keep a modest roof over their heads and food on the table. She was often told that she should have given the child up. She was even offered a position as a chambermaid in the home of a noblewoman who had befriended the girl. Her child, then still an infant, was not welcomed. Lanya refused to part with her child, whether to the Chantry or to one of the orphanages of the city of Denerim.

Lanya worked as much as she could, finding random jobs she could bring her son too. But life was hard, and she often noted that elves in the alienage lived better than she. She was about to give up, to send her son away where he might have a decent life, when she met up with the noblewoman again. In the two years since the woman had first offered to take Lanya into her employ, she and her husband had welcomed a son, Caden, into their family. And with no children in their social circle close to the same age, they had been encouraged to take in a young servant boy to serve as a playmate. This was just what Lanya needed, and she accepted. For the next ten years, she worked as a chambermaid and personal servant to the woman. Simon was regulated to the kitchen as an aid when his presence wasn't desired by Caden, or when the boy was attended to his studies.

During this time, Simon formed a friendship with the cook of the kitchen, as well as his elven assistants. The cook claimed to have been a mercenary of some repute before 'retiring' to domestic work, and always had stories to tell the wide-eyed boy. The elves delighted in showing him the workings of the kitchen, teaching him to cook (expecting that when his usefulness as a playmate had expired he would be permanently assigned to kitchen duty), and possibly enjoying having someone to boss around for a change. When he wasn't working in the kitchen, he was being lead about the grounds, or into Denerim, and getting into all sorts of mischief with Caden. Caden did seem to genuinely enjoy Simon's company, even extending some of his lessons to the commoner. It was only through Caden's insistence that Simon was allowed to sit in on his lessons, learning to read and the various lessons on the lore of Thedas and Andraste.

Life, for a boy of Simon's social standing, was going quite well. That was, at least, until the Blight swept through Ferelden. Fearing for his family's safety, believing that the Darkspawn would head towards the more populated areas, the lord of the house ordered his wife and son, along with a few select servants, to flee to the Bannorn. They would be safe there, he felt. He was wrong. The party was ambushed by Darkspawn before they even reached the closest settlement. The guards were slaughtered before they even knew what was upon them. Lanya and her mistress were both killed, sacrificing themselves so that their sons could flee. It is unknown how the two boys managed to survive, but they were found by a legion of the king's soldiers and brought back to Denerim. Caden was collected by his father, and Simon, now an orphan as far as anyone knew, was handed over to the Chantry.

Simon was a good bit older than most of the recruits taken in by the Chantry for templar training. But an elder templar saw some potential in the boy, and vouched for his character. Over the next several years, Simon immersed himself in his studies, further learning the lore of Andraste and the Chantry. He felt as though, if he were to be true to his studies and become a Templar, then maybe his mother's sacrifice wouldn't be in vain. That maybe he could bring some honour to their name. Though he never excelled at his studies, and never showed as blind a devotion to the Maker as some of his counterparts, he nevertheless took his vows. He was then sent to Denerim almost immediately, and as such, has never had to watch over a mage during a Harrowing.

With a new Blight upon them, Simon is eager to prove himself against the Darkspawn. He'll claim he's only eager to stop the Darkspawn from spreading into peaceful villages, defiling them. But a part of him knows he wishes to avenge his mother. Either way, he's packed up his few belongings and is ready to go wherever the Chantry might have use for him.

Despite outward appearances, Simon is not what most consider an upstanding templar. He does his job, and does it well, but he does not have the unwavering level of devotion to the Maker and the ways of the Chantry as most templars. His limited experience with mages (having never seen one succumb to a demon possession) leads him to question the ease at which some templars will speak of killing one. Personality-wise, he's more of a smart alec than is preferred by his superiors. He's also quick to joke, often to cover up for his own feelings of insecurity. He spent the majority of his life being looked down upon, stepped on by those in a higher social circle than himself. He's still not gotten used to being in a position of potential respect.

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